weeee, invited for the Microsoft Windows Home Server beta.
I already here a lot of people going like: WTF, why do I need another software package from Microsoft? Another license to pay?The product itself won’t be available in stores on CD, but instead it will be delivered to hardware manufacturers to preinstall it on specific storage hardware.

These days there are a lot of products that give you storage just by plugging in the power and network cable and connect to the device (Network Attached Storage – NAS). A lot of these devices run under Linux.Microsoft aims to deliver the same functionality and more.
The purpose of WHS to give you a device on your home network on which you can share information between computers and users. It also makes it very easy to create backups of your home computer(s).

You will be able to store your family pictures on a central device so that it doesn’t matter from which computer (device) you connect to it. It even makes it possible to connect to it via the internet so you always have the latest documents you worked on at home.

I must admit I only read some documentation and blogs about WHS, but I’m very curious how it will be.