I have a lot of newsfeeds in my portable Firefox setup. Today my eye got caught by the article on Toms Hardware which had as title “Wall-sized 3D Display: The Ultimate Gaming Room”.

Finally it’s affordable to get some real Virtual Reality feeling. With a DLP beamer, special glasses and a driver it is possible to experience VR/3D for under 1000 euro’s.

But even if you’re not gaming a screen with a diameter of 2 meters or more has to be very very nice for watching DVD.

If you want to extend your gaming experience you can also use TrackIR. With TrackIR you can interact with your game just by head movements.
Even my favorite game, [Eve Online][1], is supported by TrackIR.

[TrackIR][2] for head movement in games, a dual projector setup to give me 2048×768 widescreen 3D video, special glasses for the 3D effect.. I finally know where I have to work for ":D"

I think my brother-in-law will go nuts if he sees this ";)"

Image owned by [3dflightsim.com][3]

Check the article on [Toms Hardware][4]

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