Photo of the Day: Koffie ‘first aid kit’
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Photo of the Day: Koffie ‘first aid kit’

I regularly post images on Instagram. This post will contain information on the image, where it was made and why, and, if relevant, how I edited the image.

I love coffee. Preferably tasty coffee. But if that is not around, something that resembles coffee will do. I you ask me, besides taste, your fantasy/imagination is equally important. That doesn’t mean that I’m not picky on the kind of coffee I drink more often than one.

I once read that coffee could be addictive. Well, duh, I already knew.

In the past I did a pretty thorough search for tasteful coffee. At a local coffee store I ordered different blends of coffee. In the weeks after that everyday I had a couple of cups of coffee at different times of the day. That way I learned how the coffee tasted in the morning and in the afternoon, before and after a meal.

In the end I selected a rather tasteful blend if you ask me. Konkeltje, the store where I buy this coffee says about this blend:

Café del Mundo

Café del Mundo is an absolute winner in our range! A powerful espresso blend with a distinct character and great body. This blend consists of coffees that come from Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. The nuances of walnut, ginger and caramel make this coffee very attractive.
This coffee works best as espresso, cappuccino and other milk-based coffee varieties.

De foto

De foto is vandaag een simpele snap van de nieuwe voorraad koffie. Hij is gemaakt met een iPhone 7, zonder extra belichting. Het enige wat ik heb aangepast is de helderheid en de verzadiging.

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