Ohh, what fun it is to have old software on top of new software..

Last couple of days I’ve been installing service packs and security fixes on some Windows 2003 servers for a client.

Everything went like clockwork. The first servers had no errors during install and were working normally after the install.

Then the pain began.. Some kind of WebDav client was installed on one of the servers. There was no way to activate it again after the Windows updates. The system gave me an error stating that I had to call the sales department te reactivate my account. So that’s what I did.. In my best school English (English isn’t my native language, but you probably guessed that already).

I called the sales department and had to read out loud a 25 digit serial. Man, my spoken English is really really bad ":D" But she understood me and after a couple of minutes the account was reactivated. But still it wasn’t working. As a last resort I installed an update to that particular program. Yes!! That’s working again.
Up to the next… Installing the updates on a Windows 2003 Terminal Server. Everything worked.. except Microsoft Office 2000.

That took me a while. Finally I noticed that I had to logon as a super user and reenter the CD-key. Should’ve thought of that earlier.. Strange program, strange solution ";)"

All in all, fun couple of days ":)"