The AACS licensing authority is upset that the processing key for HD-DVD is published on the web and they are trying to hit companies like Google and news feeds to remove the numbers, unfortunately on a series of hexadecimal numbers you can’t get a copyright. Would be very silly if every network card would be stated with their MAC address in the Copyright lists.

Also this number is only part of the equation for the copyright protection (drm), but the fact that the AACS is running around screaming @ companies like Google and news feeds to remove the links or the processing key is attracting more and more attention at the moment.

So people start stirring up and posting the number all over the web, some do it for the fact to get the ‘ forbidden numbers’ out their, but most people I chatted with do it because of the fact the AACS is trying to censure the web.

By now the AACS licensing authority purely demonstrates that they are a failure as a mean. Start using the money to make the products like DVD and HD-DVD cost less then what they do now. The big media companies will argue that lowering the prices will make them go bankrupt, but it wont more people will buy the original instead of looking for a copy.

I have seen this work in the early 90’s with the MSX home platform where several gaming companies where pushed by amateurs to lower the prices for games and I can only say it worked we never sold so many copies of MSX-2 games and the overall balance a lot more customers who start to come back for more and a lot more overall profit. Will it ban the illegal copies?! No way, there will always be people who will copy the stuff no matter how hard the protection level will be.

Some random hexadecimal numbers ";-)"


There is even a website registered with the number click the link above.