It’s great to have everything online, you can acces it from all computers from all over the world.

But there’s a very big downside to this approach I noticed yesterday..
Lightning struck in some kind of wiring box in the neighborhood. As a result I lost TV, digital TV and even my internet connection.

There wasn’t much I could do.. I couldn’t play my favorite game (Eve Online), I couldn’t read the news, I couldn’t reach my music sheets.

As I stumbled back, away from the computer I thought to myself: ‘Perhaps I’m a little more addicted to the internet than I thought’, but quickly discarded that.

I mean, if there’s a power outage people don’t say that they’re addicted to power, or if there isn’t any water you don’t say that you’re addicted to water. It’s more like a necessity, you don’t even think about it, only if you don’t have it anymore.

At least my family was happy, I wasn’t too late for a birthday ":)"